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ISO Complete™ is not your average protein powder. You won’t find any concentrates, other low quality protein sources, no blends and no “Primary Source” claims. What you get is 25 grams of protein from 100% whey protein isolate (WPI) and nothing else. Simple. Effective. Delicious. Using only the purest source of whey.


ISO Complete™ uses only cold processed and micro/ultra-filtered whey protein isolate. These processes ensure that the protein is not denatured and the native amino acid profile remains intact. The result is the purest and highest quality whey protein available, we refuse to accept anything less.

Whey protein isolate is the purest and cleanest form of whey protein, yielding, at minimum, 90% concentration of protein. A typical protein powder contains whey concentrate, which, by comparison only yields approximately 25-80% protein. Additionally, whey isolate contains very little, if any lactose, allowing for easier digestion. Whey protein concentrate can contain up to 55% lactose, causing a lot of the digestive troubles that give protein powder a bad name.


Unfortunately, many protein powders on the market use proprietary blends of whey protein isolate along with concentrates and other inferior sources. They claim their product is a whey protein isolate, but their label tells a different story. There is really no way to tell what percentage of their formula is whey isolate and what percentage is concentrate. So, how can you tell? Simply avoid products that use blends and aren’t willing to label their products transparently. We want you to know exactly what you are putting in your body, so, as with our other products, the label of ISO Complete™ is transparent. Nothing artificial, no protein spiking. no soy or fillers and no proprietary blends.


Whey Protein Isolate (WPI): Whey protein isolate is the purest source of whey and the chief ingredient of ISO Complete™. Our WPI contains 90% protein by weight and yields 25 grams of protein per serving. Please reference the chart above for information on amino acid content per serving.

Natural Flavors: Only natural flavors are used in ISO Complete™, resulting in flavors that taste like they should. We care about this process and accept the difficulty of flavoring naturally. Each flavor is tested multiple times until considered ideal.

Stevia: A natural sweetening source and sugar substitute, extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant. Stevia adds no calories and is used to give ISO Complete™ just the right amount of sweetness.

Sunflower (Non Dairy) Creamer: A natural creamer sourced from sunflowers instead of the industry standard soy. Used to give an extra amount of smoothness and aid with mixability.

Digestive Enzymes (Lactase, Papain): In addition to using WPI, which has a low lactose content, digestive enzymes were also included to aid in digestion and absorption of protein. 

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