Titan Rules

1. Your sales are accumulated based on each individual transaction. (For example: customer buys 1 product in transaction, this will equal 1 sale. If customer buys 3 products in a transaction, this also equals 1 sale.) Commission is paid on total order amount. Do not encourage customers to make multiple single unit sales to try and accumulate more transactions for you, we will flag this and consider it a breach of integrity. If this practice is used, you will be banned and forfeit all achievements, so don't do it, it's not worth it! Just stay on track, skip the "shortcuts."

2. Your personal discount code is for your use alone. If we find out that you have provided it to others, you will be banned from the program and forfeit all achievements.

3. You must maintain consistency in sales volume each year to maintain Titan level. This is to avoid individuals reaching specific level just so they can get free supplements/clothing monthly. If we see a drop in volume, we will reach out to you to assess any issues and provide assistance if requested. Sales will of course fluctuate, so this will not be automatic grounds for dismissal until it becomes a persistent and intentional issue. (For example: you reach Level 3, averaging 10 referred orders per month, but as soon as Level 3 is reached we notice sales volume drops substantially.) At this point we will assess on case by case basis.