Titan - Ambassador Program

Do you have a passion for fitness, supplements and helping people achieve their goals? Do you believe that supplements should only be made using the highest quality ingredients available and tossing out anything artificial? If you want to be part of the brand leading the charge to change the dynamic of the supplement industry for the better, focusing on quality over everything, we would love to have you aboard.

The Acropolis Nutrition Titan ambassador program is not your average run of the mill ambassador program, because we aren't an average company. This is an exclusive opportunity to get yourself involved in the supplement industry, we only select the highest quality individuals to represent our brand. We have a very in depth selection process and only a select few ambassadors will be chosen to represent us. We want people like you, who are passionate about what you do, whether it's bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit, strongman, mma, personal training, football or you name it. We are founded on integrity and transparency and expect nothing less from our ambassadors. Does all of this sound like you? Then keep reading for the details.


1. Required to actually use our product(s). You must be familiar with the product(s) to be able to properly inform others. Anyone can tell someone that a random product is good, we want you to genuinely enjoy our products and have the same passion for quality. We have no use for people convincing others to take something that they have never taken themselves, this is one of the biggest issues in our industry. Personal experience is always best and allows you to better connect with your audience.

2. Must know our product(s) and have solid knowledge overall of supplements and ingredients. We can't have individuals relaying incorrect information regarding our products and ingredients. We are, of course, always here to answer any questions. You don't need to be a chemist, but you should possess a solid base understanding of supplements prior to applying.

3. Your personal ideals must be in line with our company ideals. This is easy, be a person of integrity, show a passion for helping others and of course be passionate about yourself and what you love to do!

4. Must have active social media accounts in good standing. By "active" we also mean that you actively use them and post regularly. You do not need to have a million followers to be considered, we look at each person individually and do not judge on follower count alone. Solid engagement with your followers is what we like to see and that you are providing quality content to your followers. We encourage you to not only focus on social media referrals but also in person, use your knowledge, experience and personality to inform others.


Okay now that we're done with that you probably want to know how it all works and what you can get for your hard work!

Our ambassador program is structured into levels, with higher levels being achieved through your hard work. Your opportunity to make extra money, receive free products and apparel is only limited by the amount of work you would like to put in. You can even potentially earn yourself a sponsorship and a monthly salary!*


Level 1: 0-9 sales

Unique 10% off referral code

20% off code for personal orders


Level 2: 10-49 sales

All Level 1 rewards plus

(1) free supplement and clothing item of choice

10% commission on all referred sales


Level 3:  50-149 sales

All Level 1-2 rewards plus

(1) free supplement per month

Commission increased to 15% on referred sales

Access to try new products, prior to public release


Level 4:  150+ sales

All Level 1-3 rewards plus

(2) free supplements per month

Personal discount increases to 30%

Anytime a new product is released, you get a free full serving container prior to official release

Be part of the design process. Vote on new flavors, product releases etc.

Regular shoutouts on Acropolis Nutrition social media

Ability to work select Acropolis Nutrition events (TBD)**


Bonus (all levels): We want to help you grow as you help us grow, so at any time we may repost your tagged photos or give you a shoutout. Best way to get this bonus perk, is simply by posting great content! We are here to help you out however we can and we are happy to show you some love.


Contact us below and let us know why we should pick you to be an Acropolis Nutrition Titan Ambassador! 


Must be a legal resident of the USA and at least 18 years old.

 * This is not guaranteed, sponsored athletes will be chosen based on individual merits and at the sole discretion of management. There are no specific criteria to be chosen for a sponsorship, everyone has the same opportunity and potential.

** Acropolis Nutrition events are TBD, there is no guaranteed schedule of events. Potential events can be store demos, gym demos as well as working trade show booths. You will be notified as events become available.